What Does 'Kapara Aleichem' Mean?

netta yells kapara aleichem. Credit: YouTube

Netta Barzilai rocked Europe with her Eurovision song 'Toy', and brought the Eurovision song contest to Israel for the first time in the last 20 years. Besides her stunning performance and awesome outfit, Netta draw attention for yelling "Thank you Europe, Kapara Aleichem!" after her both performances.

'Kapara Aleichem' is a Hebrew phrase which literally translates to "I would sacrifice myself for you" ('Kapara' = a sacrifice for other's sins; 'Aleichem' = on you / for you), but in current Hebrew slang simply means "I love you".

Watch Netta yells 'Kapara Aleichem' after her Final's flawless performance (replay to watch full song):

 Image Credit: YouTube

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